Conclusive Proof That Video Games Are Infinitely Improved By Adding WWE Commentary

When it comes to a winning combination some things will never stop being awesome or in high demand, all it takes is working out what the correct ingredients are and putting it to the test - Peanut butter and jelly, eggs and bacon (well, 'anything' and bacon really), burger and fries, Oreos and milk - These are all examples of WIN!

Now there is another combo to add to the list - Video games and WWE commentary.

After watching these videos you'll wonder why all video games don't come with Jim Ross commentary over the top, because it makes the experience sooo much better.

TheBlueOwlPlays is the champ responsible for thinking up this ingenius idea. Now all we have to do is sit back, press play on the video and enjoy them.

It seems there isn't anything that can't be improved by adding WWE commentary, including drunk people falling over. Check out the first 2 episodes of the video game commentary series below.

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