'ProphetQuest', A New Video Game For Egomaniacs Who Want To Start Their Own Religion

Wouldn't it be nice to be worshipped like a deity? Or is that just me? If you're full of similar egomaniacal tendencies then you'll wish this video game called ProphetQuest was actually real, and not just an incredibly on-point and accurate parody of all religions.

Still, someone should make a game like ProphetQuest, where you get to make up a bunch of rules that people have to follow. And then pretend that by doing whatever you say it would somehow bring them closer to an imagined entity that created the universe—thus making them feel a lot less crappy than they do.

But then you'd make them feel more crappy because you'd force them to live horrible, closeted lives under a tyrannical leader who hides behind religious doctrine and violence like a coward. Actually this sounds like a horrible game.

It would be one way to avoid the catastrophe of a holy war though. Maybe someone should've pitched this to ISIS before they went ahead and took over vast swathes of Syria and Iraq. Maybe someone could still pitch it to them.

They could even make an Oculus Rift version for extra realism and shut them inside it so they could just leave the rest of the world alone.


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