'GTA Animal Apocalypse'—Play GTA 5 As A Cat, Rat Or Whale In This Hilarious Mod

If you've always been a little suspicious of cats, that sensation that they're always up to something. This GTA V mod will confirm everything you thought. Youtuber Asdf (aka BedBananas) shows off this hilarious mod on his channel in a video called "GTA 5 PC Animal Apocalypse (Mod) with and Asdf."

It lets you rampage around the environs of GTA V causing chaos and upset as a cat or other animal or as an inanimate object. So, for instance, you get to see a seagull visit a strip club or a rat run around with a hand grenade. Even a whale makes an appearance.

If it sounds ridiculous that's because it is, and the humor is boosted by Asdf's commentary which is just as enjoyable as the visuals. Best GTA mod ever? It's got to be a contender.


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