Teletubbies Intro Recreated In GTA 5 Is Brilliantly Done And Disturbingly Watchable #GodHelpUsAll

If you never expected to see the intro to cult 90s children's TV show Teletubbies recreated in the environs of GTA V, then you seriously underestimated the internet. YouTuber Merfish is behind this bizarre mashup, and he's got previous experience having recreated the intros to Fresh Prince, The A-Team, Captain Planet, and Friends in GTA.

And not only is his Teletubbies accurate but it's also hilarious to see the masculine and butch characters from Los Santos dressed up as kid's TV characters. Trevor becomes Tinky-Winky, Franklin is Dipsy, Lemar makes a great Laa-Laa and Michael is Po.

Watch in awe as they run around the grassy hills of Los Santos. Then feel somewhat disturbed as Dipsy knocks Tinky-Winky to the ground and starts stomping on him. Or Po begins clubbing a floored Laa-Laa.

The character's head symbols have been changed to more adult objects too, like a cocktail glass, dildos, and a bong--Which if you have ever played GTA 5 you would expect.

If you were two wondering just how good a recreation it is, you can check out the original intro and GTA version side-by-side in the video below. We think you'll agree that Merfish has done an exceptional job.

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