Proof You Are Never Too Old: Meet 60 Year Old Skateboarder Neal “The Dude” Unger

Skateboarding may be thought of a young person’s sport, but that isn’t going to stop 60-year-old skateboarder Neal “The Dude” Unger from showing the youngsters how it’s done.

In this short profile film Neal explains how he sees skating as a way to regulate body and mind, a kind of form of meditation.

“As I gain more balance in life, I also gain more balance on my skateboard” says the 60-year-old California-based skateboarder.


He makes reference to how the concentration it takes quietens the brain and turns thinking off.

So if you were looking for some inspiration today, or just wanted to feel even more crappy about your own laziness, give this short film a watch.


This is so damn inspiring. Skateboarding truly is a gift. Never let anyone tell you to give up the things that you love as you will never replace it.


H/T www.theberrics.com/news

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