‘The Wallingford Sign’—Chevron Gas Station Brings Daily Doses Of Humor To Its Customers

One way to win people over is with humor, and it's a good way of getting custom too. A Chevron gas station in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood has been putting up witty and humorous jokes on its signboard for the last decade.

Such is its fame that it even has a dedicated Twitter account that tweets out the weekly messages. Messages like "Ban pre-shredded cheese. Make American grate again."

“In October of 2005, we converted our auto repair shop into an ExtraMile convenience store and suddenly we had a problem. It had always been easy to think of useful messages to put on the sign for things like service promotions and store specials and the like. But with the ExtraMile, there were no more cars to fix and the place was plastered with store specials. So we decided to do something different,” explains the gas station's website.

The fun slogans became a way for the company to connect with the community, as the manager explains in the video above. And they're far more amusing that just listing the specials.

And now, of course, the gas station is internet-famous, which should hopefully drum up even more custom. You can check out some of the signs below.

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