Try Out These Pokémon Go Pick Up Lines And See If It Results In Success—Or Something A Lot Worse

When you're out and about, as you are a lot these days, playing Pokémon Go and you see a like-minded person you find attractive swiping away while pointing their phone at something that isn't there, you're going to need to know the right pick up line to use.

Considering you both have a shared interested, then that pick up line might as well center around it. Namely it should be about Pokemon, which is where these Pokemon pick up lines come in.

They feature in a sketch by YouTube comedy channel Nacho Punch and they rely heavily on Pokemon puns which any fellow trainer will instantly recognise. You hope.

The sketch is actually from back in 2014, but considering that Pokemon mania is currently sweeping the nation it seems like the perfect time to revisit and take a look at them.

There's plenty to choose from as well, there's three minutes worth of pick up lines in fact. Gems like "Gurl I go so hard you're going to be Bulbasore in the morning." or "Are we in Pewter City right now? Because I'm about to rock your world." But not "I'd like to throw my balls at you."

Choose wisely though, because while pretty much all of them are somewhat cringeworthy, some may result in you getting a phone number, while others may result in something not quite so welcoming.

Like a poke in the eye.


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