Watch The Hilarious Viral Video Kim Jong-Un Wants Banned

You've got to feel sorry for the poor official who had to show Kim Jong-Un this video. He probably ended up being savaged by rabid dogs, because the Korean leader is pretty upset about how he's depicted in it.

Made by a Chinese student last week it quickly went viral in China, because how could it not when it shows the Dear Leader's head superimposed on various people as they dance, ride a pig into the sunset, pull their trousers down, ballet dance and generally act foolish. It also shows Kim Jong-Un in a dance off with a grinning Obama, fighting with Putin and holding hands while skipping happily across a field with Osama Bin Laden.

It's typical internet silliness basically, but if you remember that Seth Rogen incident a few weeks back you'll know that Kim isn't too fond of people making fun of him. Especially when it's about his weight—and the video's title translates as "Fatty Kim the Third", a common phrase used to insult the leader by the Chinese.

Korean news site The Chosun Ilbo says North Korea asked China to try and stop the video spreading like wildfire—it's already been seen over 55 million times in China alone—saying it "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority." But China was "unable to oblige." Ouch.

Mainly because Chinese people love to mock Kim Jong-Un on the internet—it's pretty much a national pastime—and the Chinese government like to see the regime taken down a peg or two. Chinese internet users have previously ridiculed the regime's failed missile launch in a series of memes and check out the pics below, based on an image by Zhang Zhou, which gave Kim a makeover with red lipstick, eye shadow and a dusting of rouge.


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