Bobby Jindal’s #AskBobby Twitter Hashtag Was A Total Disaster—But Then What Did He Expect?

Following on from E.L. James' disastrous Twitter Q&A is #AskBobby, which saw governor of Louisiana and potential Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal succumb to the perils of trying to engage with people over social media, only for it to blow up in his face.

Will they ever learn? No. This time it was PAC organisation Believe Again who came up with the doomed idea to field some questions on Twitter for Jindal to answer later on at a town hall event.

Maybe next time anyone even contemplates doing something like this, they should probably Google "Twitter" and "Q&A" and see what comes up.

Here's the ill-fated tweet that set things in motion.

And here's some of the vitriol and humor that Twitter came back with. One user even remarked that they only counted just one sincere question. Just ONE. Even E.L. James had more than that.

Anyway, if nothing else these things are great for some easy laughs. Take it away, Twitter...

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