Drone Lake: Watch As Naked Ballet Dancers And Drones Perform A Bizarre Version Of Swan Lake

The use of drones in delivering products, internet connections, even life-saving cargo and medicines in Africa, is going to increase dramatically in the coming years. There's no denying that they will completely transform many areas of our modern day society.

But it's a guarantee that one use you will not have foreseen is to cover up the naked human form in a clothe-less ballet version of Tchaikovsky’s classical masterpiece Swan Lake.

That's what they've been used for in this commercial for the far-eastern clothes company Buyma, which was created by Japanese agency Dentsu.

As the dancers gracefully move about, four drones come flying into view draping a white piece of paper.

It's this simple yet effective sheet that covers the dancers' modesty, expertly moving in time with the ballet dancers to ensure (nearly) everything is left to the imagination.

In a comedic touch, they've also left the guy's socks on. Plus, at the end the camera pans back to reveal a surprise about the crew too.

So there you have it, one more use for drones has been found, to uphold decency when and if needed.


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