Watch People Totally Freak Out As They Experience A Virtual Reality Adult Movie For The First Time

We all know what new technology means: new ways to watch adult stars getting it on. Whether that be on VHS format, DVD, online, or viewing it in immersive virtual reality via an Oculus Rift headset.

But just how weird would it be to watch VR porn? Complex decided to find out by letting a few of their staff experience it using an Oculus Rift and then film the results.

It's safe to say, most people probably aren't ready for VR porn just yet. As their reactions vary from freaking out because the POV immersion must be so intense—and just laughing uncontrollably at it all.

Writing about the experience on Complex Angel Diaz said:

I'm one of the people in the video above. We were given the pleasure of experiencing virtual porn first-hand, and I'm here to tell you that it's weird as f*ck.

Some of it was ridiculously real. At other moments, it was traumatizing. Dreams turn into nightmares quick in this cold world, youngin'. Check out our reactions above. The future is now.

One thing is for sure, they're going to have to start filming adult entertainment videos differently pretty soon.


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