Surreal Central: Watch The Weird Short Film Die Antwoord Made Before They Became Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord are a band that have nailed that creeping sense of unease, which is what you often have when watching their music videos. They've since moved into the movie world earlier this year starring in the equally strange sci-fi drama 'Chappie'

So it's only natural that a short film from the group pre-Zef should have that same sense of WTFness.

The film in question is called Picnic and was made back when Yolandi Visser was known by her birth name of Anri Du Toit and Ninja was just plain old Watkin Tudor Jones. Together they worked in a group called Max Normal.

As part of that group they wrote, directed and starred in the the avant-garde craziness above, which has Yolandi talking about her family and a picnic table that looks over the sea. Then towards the end the soundtrack gets all distorted and weird and Yolandi does a strange little dance.

It's all quite bizarre and creepy in a Chris Cunningham sort of way.

And then from that very young-looking but still freaky Yolandi, she morphed over the years into the person in these videos:

If that hasn't sold you then check out the trailer drop for South African director (he of ‘District 9′ fame) Neill Blomkamp’s new film Chappie which is out soon, which stars Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver and… Die Antwoord!

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