Watching These Russian Guys Climbing the Shanghai Tower is the Absolute Definition of Crazy

There's mad, there's crazy, there's insane--and then there are these 2 Russian guys, in a class of their own, doing stuff mere mortals would not even think about doing, even if large sums of money were offered to prompt them to try. Nope.

When it comes to heights most of us would probably look at the Shanghai Tower, the 2nd tallest building in the world and feel queasy just staring at it, but these two Russians decided to scale this behemoth that stands at over 2000 feet and is is still under construction.

Taking advantage of reduced security and halted construction during a break in the Spring Festival holiday, these two madmen seized their opportunity to check out the view from the top. Total madness.

It’s so tall when they climb up and look over the edge, fog shrouds the skyscrapers below. But they’re not even at the top then, that comes later and it’s heart-palpitating to watch.

These daredevils are part of a group of 'urban explorers' called the ‘Mustang Wanted’ (check out one of their other videos here) who refuse to wear any safety gear as they hang from the top of some of the tallest buildings on the planet.


It's so high that clouds form below you.

Skywalkers Climb Shanghai Tower



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