This Totally Crazy Selfie From The Top Of A Hong Kong Skyscraper Will Give You Vertigo

This is definitely a case of "To boldly go where no other selfie has gone before!", if you're afraid of heights, you'll probably have a mini panic attack just watching this as three 'cool-as-cucumber' teenagers sit atop The Center building, Hong Kong’s fifth tallest skyscraper, 346m (1135 feet) above the streets of Hong Kong, eating bananas and casually chilling out like it was just another day.

Daniel Lau, the videographer and his two friends, Anrew Tso and Airin S look like they don't have a care in the world and it's as mesmerizing as it is uncomfortable to watch them sitting there.

At the end of the video Daniel casually checks his phone like it's no biggie', at least the reception up there must be pretty good. He's part of the ever growing number of rooftoppers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of 'extreme selfies' to the limit.

What would you do if you're on 346m above the ground? Maybe we should ask @tsohimhim and @airin.heatscore ?? #Exthetics #MayTheRoofsBeWithUs

I'm so overwhelmed that @selfiegopro and @pbhk (facebook page) shared my picture from this spot! Tell me if you guys want to see more? #Exthetics #VovaBorrowedMyGopro

Goodbye #Macau, thank you for the roofs. ?拜拜啦#澳門 #Exthetics #MaytheRoofsBeWithUs

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