Woman Turns Herself Into Absolutely Terrifying Nightmare-Fuel Using Nothing But Face Paint

For most women the application of make-up is something that is akin to an art form, years of practice and research have gone into the personal task of enhancing an individuals features, exaggerating contours and bone structure, concealing spots and blemishes, all in the pursuit of creating a perfect canvas.

And at no time more so than when you are going out for the night, either on a date, or with friends.

But not so Taylor Jewell, her idea of getting ready for a fun night night out is to transform herself into abominable monsters. And she does this using nothing but face paint.

The results, as you'll see, are incredibly impressive and pretty terrifying. And make for some great nightmare-inducing fun for Halloween.

She explains to Bored Panda:

I love to use face paint to create strange or interesting characters. I have always liked to paint and draw, but have become more interested in face painting since last Halloween.

It’s so fun to sit down with all the materials you need to create something and letting your mind go. I’ve always been drawn to more surreal or dark styles and have found a way to channel any ideas I may have.

YouTube is full of talented artists that have inspired me to try something new and work with different mediums. Surreal artists, such as Esao Andrews, are also an influence on me and my ideas.

Check out her work below. And at the bottom of this post are Jewell's YouTube tutorials showing you how to create these freaky designs yourself.


via Bored Panda

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