10 Firework Fails To Avoid This Fourth Of July

It's the Fourth of July in case you hadn't noticed—and that means fireworks and firework fails, and plenty of them. Because with fireworks comes danger and with danger comes fail.

So just remember these incidents when you go to set off your display and avoid any firework fails.

10 Of The Best 4th July Firework Fails

1. Firstly, make sure you don't blow the whole lot in one hit like this display in San Diego, which was meant to last 18 minutes but ended up only reaching 10 seconds.

2. Beware of bootleg fireworks. "OHHHH JESUS!"

3. Try and keep away from the groin area.

Firework Fails 01.

4. Avoid hitting crowds, you don't want your display soundtracked by screaming.

5. And definitely avoid hitting people in the face.

Firework Fails 02.

6. If you need protection, just remember to use it properly.

Firework Fails 03.

7. Keep pets away.

8. Try not to use your body as a launch pad.

Firework Fails 04.

9. Be mindful of what patterns your pyrotechnics might form.

4th July 05.

10. And always keep a safe distance.

4th July 06.

But remember, aim big. The bigger the better.

4th July 07.

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