This Australian Man Goes Surfing On A Dead Whale In Shark-Infested Waters

It probably seemed like a great idea at the time, as most bad ideas often do. 26-year-old Australian Harrison Williams decided to go surfing on a new type of board: a whale carcass. He thought of the brilliant idea while him and some friends were out boating off the coast of Western Australia and came across the dead marine mammal.

"Out on the boat with the boys and one of my mates thought it'd be pretty funny if I surfed the whale, so I just did it." He jumped into the water, swam over and began his surf safari. Then his friends noticed a variety of sharks swimming about feasting on the dead flesh and suddenly it probably didn't seem like such a great idea after all.

Surf Life Saving Western Australia confirmed that sharks had been spotted feeding on a whale.

His idiocy was picked up by various news agencies and quickly spread across the internet. Long gone are the days when you could do something foolish atop a dead whale and not have it picked up by the world's media.

Williams managed to make it out alive though and he won't be fined for his actions either, although his parents weren't too impressed with him. "Yeah definitely a stupid act" he says, "but I didn't mean to disrespect anyone. Mom thinks I'm an idiot, dad's not too proud either."

Don't worry dude, just chalk it up under "youthful folly" and move on.

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