PLEASE KILL ME NOW! 11-Year-Old Pop Singing Schoolgirl Sophia Grace Is The New Rebecca Black

Oh man. Oh man oh man. To start your Monday off in the worst possible way, say hello to the latest child pop singing sensation Sophia Grace. You can blame Ellen DeGeneres for this—or you can just blame society in general. It's your call.

Sophia and her cousin Rosie first appeared on Ellen's show after she spotted a video on YouTube of them singing Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass" (let's forget about how appropriate that song is for a then 8 and 5 year old). This was back in 2011 and now Sophia's released a new track all her own. She's ditched her cousin to, ironically, sing a song called "Best Friends."

The music video was released about five days ago and is already on over 4 million views on YouTube. Make of that what you will. But if you were looking for something to focus your Monday hate on and so help alleviate your foul mood and/or hangover, this video might be it. Or it might just make things worse.

And here's Sophia and Rosie appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This is the moment that, had you a time machine handy, you'd journey back to and stop from happening.

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