It's Best Not To Try And Understand The Bizarre Korean Music Video For Hitchhiker’s “11 (ELEVEN)”

Sometimes in life it's a good thing to try not to ponder too much around what is transpiring before your eyes, sending your brain some very confusing messages in an attempt to 'understand' what exactly is is you are looking at, better to open that virtual filing cabinet in your mind, find the folder labeled 'WTF!?!" and move on. This is one of those times.

Turn the 'weird' dial all the way up to eleven and prepare for a journey to WTF-land in this tripped-out music video for Korean DJ Hitchhiker, which features a silver dancing guy and CGI-psychedelic creations merged with real world locations for some truly strange sights. And why not.

As well as being way up there on the freaky factor, it’s also pretty funny, because it has to be, there has to be something about this that your brain can process as humor, otherwise you’d lose your mind.

And finally a warning for you all. It's pretty damn catchy and will hang around in your brain long after you've listened to it.


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