5-Year-Old Girl Totally Smashes System Of A Down's 'Toxicity' On Drums

Even though she's only 5 years old Eduarda Henklein is already a pro when it comes to drumming, especially when it comes to covering System of a Down's songs. Here she is completely owning their track "Toxicity" without missing a beat.

It's enough to both restore your faith in the younger generations and make you give up on any drumming you may have been practising in your spare time. Because you're never going to be this good, and you're way over 5 years old.

Eduarda hails from Joinville, Brazil and has been playing the drums since she was 4. She's a bit of a celebrity in her native country, and rightly so, and is a big fan of music like Led Zep, System of a Down, and other testosterone rock.

Pay your respects to her awesomeness and throw that devil's sign in the air while listening to this.

And to prove it's no fluke, check out her cover of System of a Down's "Chop Suey" below. We are most definitely not worthy.

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