60 Dogs That Prove Canines Have No Understanding Or Concept About Personal Space

Personal space to humans is very important, sometimes we all need an area that is ours and only ours, be it somewhere to concentrate while we work, study, sit with our thoughts and think, or just somewhere to zone out and relax and get away from our busy lives and schedules.

Personal space to a dog is important too and means that anywhere is OK for it to lie or sit or hunker down for a cozy nap. That can mean that anywhere in your home is OK and that also means that you (and your personal space) are also OK.

Because to dogs you and your body are the perfect place to zone out, so much better than a dog basket because you provide the warmth of a living body too.

Your personal space is an especially great place to invade if you're sitting watching TV or lying in bed and you can be caught unaware. Even while you are sitting on the toilet.

Or if you're trying to get some work done at your laptop, that's basically you saying to the dog, "Come! Come over here and sit on my lap so I can't get to the screen and do anything."

Oh well, it's a sign that they at least like being near you.

Better that then when you walk in the room they run away. So the decision is yours people. Do you selfishly covert your own personal space, or do you relinquish it to your four-legged friend who needs it too?

While you ponder that philosophical question here are 60 examples of humans who have decided that it's useless trying to establish their personal space with dogs.


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