Cats Are Sneaky, Naughty, Mean, Selfish, But Also Incredibly Cute - Which Is Why We Love Them

Get ready for 40 reasons why having a cat can evoke all sorts of emotions from their owners, from unconditional love through to total rage, depending on what the current mood of the feline happens to be at the time.

Because, lets face it, they don't have any issues when it comes to showing how they feel about you. And remember, if you ever dare to piss them off then you are in for a whole world of pain and suffering.

Ok, so cats aren't always evil, but when they are, they don't pull any punches. Whether it's pooping in your shoes or shredding the toilet paper, they can be complete devils.

But they also have a side to them that is adorable, quite possibly the cutest things on the planet when they are in the mood. You love them, but also fear them.


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