Superhero Mashup Of The Day: It's Marvel Vs. DC In This Epic Fanmade Trailer

You're never actually going to see a movie where Marvel's superheroes take on the characters from DC Comics, so let's all be grateful for people like YouTuber Alex Luthor who's created this fanmade effort.

Splicing together footage from live-action superhero movies, from The Avengers to Man of Steel to an unaired Wonder Woman TV pilot, even Ghost Rider (which at least validates that movie's existence), this very well done mashup is the closest we're probably ever going to get to these superheroes duking it out on screen.

Luthor uses some clever editing and your suspension of disbelief to make it appear like Wonder Woman is battling the Hulk, Batman is taking on Iron Man, and Supes is firing some eye-lasers at Thor. Mad props.


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