Americars: The United States Life Long Obsession With Classic American Muscle Cars

From hot-rods to muscle cars it's quite possibly the true definition of 'American Auto Beauty', a love-affair with the golden age of US car design and auto-assembly that still has a lasting effect on today's market.

If you're a fan of American muscle cars then there will definitely be something on offer here to float your boat. From classic American automobiles to custom creations, there's something that strikes a chord with any red-blooded car lover.

Maybe it's because it was the US Ford Model T that kickstarted modern car manufacturing, but the car has always been an important part and symbol of American culture.

Whether it's the powerful V8 engines or the ergonomic sleekness that typified American industrial design, these cars exude a hypnotic hold over you.

Take a journey through the cult of the American automobile, a place where the freedoms of the Wild West lives on, where horses have been exchanged for four wheels and fetishized engines.

Where the romance of driving on the open road is typified in the classic American car models like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, which were immortalised in films like Bullitt and Vanishing Point.

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