'Lunar' Is A Stunning Short Film Made From 1000s Of Photos Of The Apollo Moon Landing

The famous Apollo moon landing of 1969 was actually set in motion eight years earlier, when cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into space, thanks to the Soviet Union. Three years before that the Soviets had sent Sputnik into low Earth orbit, making it the first manmade object to do so.

But it was the former event that triggered what is known as the Space Race, after which President Kennedy promised to send US astronauts to the moon. It have birth to the Apollo Moon Landing Program which set about building a space ship powerful enough to get men to our nearest celestial body, and bring them back again.

Of course this did eventually happen on 29th July 1969, when Neil Armstrong was the first Apollo moon landing astronaut to step out of Apollo 11's lunar module Eagle and climb down a ladder and become the first human to set foot on the lunar surface with his famous, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

How Motion Designer Christian Stangl Made ‘Lunar’

Apollo Moon Landing Feature.

In this stunning short film, called Lunar, motion designer Christian Stangl uses photographs taken by the astronauts, from all the Apollo Missions, to document humankind's journey to its nearest celestial neighbor.

Christian, along with his brother Wolfgang Stangl, spent 18 months working with images taken from the Project Apollo Archive on Flickr, along with using original recordings from the Apollo moon landing missions at the NASA Audio Collection to make the short.

The result is the moon landing as you've never seen it before, with a little artistic license thrown in to merge all the NASA Apollo Missions into once incredible piece of collaged footage.

"This short film is dedicated to all people who believe in peaceful expansion of our borders." note the filmmakers. "It is an animated collage using different techniques to bring the stills to life."

You can check out some stills they used below. And see more of the project on Christian Stangl's Behance page.

Photos From The Actual Apollo Moon Landing

moon landing 01.
Apollo Moon Landing 06.
Apollo Moon Landing 02.
Apollo Moon Landing 03.
Apollo Moon Landing 04.
Apollo Moon Landing 05.

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