Apple AirPods—Twitter Reacts With Mockery And Derision To The New Wireless Headphones

Apple held their annual September event yesterday and a new iPhone was announced, along with a new Apple Watch and the revelation that Mario is coming to iOS. But, although the iPhone 7 as it's called had some new features (it's waterproof) and some suped up internals and camera, the biggest news was that Apple got rid of the headphone jack.

Which means that wired headphones will now either connect through lightning cords or via a lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter. Both these products come with the new phone, but Apple also announced their, rather costly at $159, wireless AirPods that connect via Bluetooth.

Being the biggest change it was the one that users seemed to take the most offence at. It wasn't long after the announcement was made that people took to Twitter to mock the new AirPods and the loss of the headphone jack.

People seemed most aggrieved at the fact that being wireless the pods are going to be easy to lose and pricey to replace. Also, as with Apple's wired ear pods, there was concern that the new AirPods would fall out of your ear. Plus they need to be charged nightly. Yeah, there was a few issues.

Giving their reason in the keynote for the dramatic change Apple's Senior VP Phil Schiller and designer Jonny Ive spoke about wireless being "the future" of audio—and cited that it took "courage" to move away from the 100-plus-year-old tech of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Time will tell.

"Courage" wasn't the word being used on Twitter though. Here's some of the reactions.

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