'Apple Book' - Stephen Colbert Mocks Ridiculously Priced New Apple Product With Hilarious Spoof Ad

Apple are known for innovating and this latest product is truly something, um, special—it's a book, but not just any book. This is Apple, after all. This book is 450 pages of high-res images of Apple products that you've probably got stuffed away somewhere in your basement.

Yes, this is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's spoof of Apple's announcement of their coffee table book Designed by Apple in California. Which features "20 years of Apple design through 450 photographs of our products and the processes used to make them. A visual history spanning iMac to Apple Pencil."

Which, you might say, is all well and good. Fan boys and girls or design nerds might like to leaf through the weighty tome—except that it's a book that costs $300. $300! For the large copy anyway and $200 for the smaller version.

That's an awful lot of money just for some paper with pictures on. So it's only fair and good that someone came along and gave it the roasting it so deserves.

Lampooning the way Apple reveal their more contemporary tech products the video reveals some mind-blowing innovations the book includes, like “touch page technology" which lets you swipe with your finger to turn a page—and numbering the pages sequentially!

"Using the latest and most innovative technology, from 1440," says the video's spoof lead designer. "We were able to take an experience that was instantly familiar and charge...$300 for it."

Apple certainly have no shame when it comes to making money from their users by charging ridiculous prices for their products, whether that be a book, a phone, or laptop—the latest iterations of which have come under criticism for being not very innovative at all.

Maybe next year's supposed iPhone 8 will see them back on form. Or maybe they'll unveil some old rope they want money for instead.


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