The Art of Pole-Dancing: Gravity-Defying Dancer Amanda G Displays Some Super Human Strength

If you ever had any doubts about how tough, and how physically fit, you need to be to perform pole-dancing, look no further than the slow-motion video above of dancer Amanda G in action.

Her gravity-defying moves show off a level of upper and lower body strength that would put most of us to shame. It's essentially a form of gymnastics, as well as a dance routine and workout.

Amanda G practised ballet in her past, so has the physical fitness required to arch yourself in the air and gracefully rotate around the pole. But it takes a lot of training. And dedication. Lots and lots of it.

"I'm in awe of the sport. It’s empowering, and makes me feel strong, like I can take on anything." she said in an interview The Blush Social. "It’s definitely confidence building. You become very strong and very self-aware of your body." She also sees it as "a way to escape and be super human."

After being a student of the sport herself, she now teaches classes. And she makes it look easy, but if you jumped on a pole and tried it, you know it would be anything but.

The Blush Social comments that, "There’s a stigma to the sport, but as awareness increases, more people are starting to understand that the new era of pole dancing is more likely to be in a theatre, or a stadium – not a strip club."--So maybe it's time to take a cue from Amanda G and try it out for yourself.

Check out some more of her videos below.

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