Me & My Other Me - An Artist Creates Portraits Of Famous Celebrities With Their Younger Selves

Fulvio Obregon, an Illustrator from Columbia, has created a series of dual portraits of some of the most famous musicians, actors, and technologists in the world.

They are captured as we know them now alongside their former selves from when they were just about to climb the ladder to worldwide fame. It's an captivating and slightly surreal composition, but brilliantly done.

Obregon reminds us that once these accomplished and household names were once young pretenders to the throne, whose names no one knew.

Obregon has called the series Me & My Other Me and writes about it.

This project is a series of illustrations of celebrities, where each occupies the same place with their past and present selves—each character has some detail that's been essential along their respective careers, life, or profession.

I was inspired to do it after seeing the publication of a photograph of the Columbian president, which consisted of two images of him, one from when he was a child and another as he is today.

There is an underlying vein of humor running through each portrait with one of the versions of them wearing a t-shirt or bearing a slogan highlighting or mocking their life’s achievements.

It makes for some memorable and nostalgic artwork.


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