Musicians Read Mean Tweets About Themselves And, Sure, They're Nasty—But Very Funny Too

Those poor celebrities, they might be rich and get to live like Roman emperors with their every whim and desire attended to, but they also have to suffer the slings, arrows, and tweets of internet hate.

And Jimmy Kimmel is only too happy to highlight those tweets in a segment of his show he calls #MeanTweets.

It's where he gets the celebrities who were on the receiving end of some online vitriol to read out nasty things people have said about them on Twitter.

This second all-music edition includes Drake ("Looks like Voldemort without hair"), Lady Gaga ("Bet her fragrance smells like d*ck"), Ed Sheeran ("Hey look Ed Sheeran is still ugly"), Wiz Khalifa ("Looks like a homeless woman"), Jason Aldean ("Sounds like his d*ck got stuck in his sister"), and plenty more.

Let's be honest, some of these are mean sure, but that's not to say they're not hilarious.


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