Artist Rafael Mantesso Uses His Pet Bull Terrier To Make Hilarious Illustrations

Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso shows that a dog can be more than just man's best friend, he can be a great model and muse too. Mantesso's pet bull terrier, named Jimmy Choo, is the star of many of the artists sketches and illustrations—and an actual Jimmy Choo campaign (above).

Taking photos of the dog, Mantesso incorporates him into amusing pictures, drawing him sitting atop Snoopy's doghouse or on the Iron Throne, being King of the Andals and the First Men.

Jimmy is a well trained dog, a simple "stay" is all it takes for him to pose for the images and Mantesso does the rest. H'mmm, if you think about it for a moment there's some definite animal exploitation going on here, a professional model, doing whatever the photographer wants and probably working for treats. If he's lucky.

It's a dog's life indeed. Someone call the ASPCA.

Take a look at some of them below and head to Mantesso's Instagram for more.

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