'Play More' —The World's First Art Exhibition Solely For Dogs Premieres In London

There are plenty of galleries and exhibitions in the world catering to us humans, but what about other species that we share the planet with? What about dogs, for instance? Thankfully British artist Dominic Wilcox has stepped up to ensure that canines were catered for in the a pop-up exhibition titled Play More.

The exhibition featured specially commissioned interactive artworks that had been built specifically for dogs to enjoy. The pieces, created by Wilcox and six other artists—Claire Mallison, Michelle Thompson, Nick White, Paul Blow, Robert Nicol and, Joanne Hummel-Newell—were designed to stimulate the dogs' curiosity.

They included activities that dogs can all relate to like fetching tennis balls, splashing in water, and scented air for the dogs to sniff. Interactive works included Cruising Canines which simulates an open car window by getting dogs to put their heads through a car door cut out, while a huge fan blows scented breeze at them; Dinnertime Dreams which is a 10 foot dog bowl filled with 100s of balls which look like dog food for dogs to dive into, a screen simulating a frisbee being thrown, and Watery Wonder, which featured water jets jumping from one dog bowl to another encouraging dogs to chase them and drink.

There was also a "selection of paintings and drawings created in a dog’s colour spectrum" which included lots of blue and yellow and scenes familiar to dogs (chicken drumsticks, trees) and were hung close to floor level so the dogs could sit and admire them.

“Just because dogs can’t speak our human language doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same emotions and enjoy seeing and experiencing new and interesting things,” Wilcox explained to Bored Panda. “Since humans have so many art galleries to visit I thought it’s a good time to create an exhibition just for them.”


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