4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Bad - Animals Live The Thug Life In This Totally Swag Compilation

It's not just us humans who live the thug life, the animal kingdom can be pretty swag when it wants to be too. If you need proof of just how gangster a raccoon can be, then this compilation should set you straight.

It features all kind of critters being street, from seagulls stealing bags of chips to goats harassing people on the street and knocking them to the floor.

Add in some rap music over the top and you have yourself some animal thugz.

Just make sure you hang around to the end to see the most unlikely animal thug of them all - and he's a total boss - he was born for this role.

So next time you see a murder of crows eyeing your sandwich suspiciously, or a lizard shuffling across the road like a badass, just remember: it ain't nuthin’ but a G thang.


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