Artist Takes Cute Well Known Cartoon Characters And Re-imagines Them As Terrifying Nightmare Fuel

If you've watched Stranger Things then you'll know about the upside-down, a kind of parallel world that is similar to our own but one that habors a terrifying demon that feeds off humans. It's also a place you could imagine Deviant Art user Disse86's spins on popular characters might inhabit.

Because he takes childhood favorites, like the characters from Winnie the Pooh, and turns them into monsters. Cuddly Tigger, for instance, becomes an insect-eyed, tentacled nightmare. Eeyore is covered in boils and his stomach is ruptured while a pool of blood surrounds him.

Meanwhile Tweety Pie has got fangs and zombie eyes, Pokemon character Pikachu has snake-like eyes and a gaping mouth exposing his internal organs. It's truly disturbing.

There's also Stitch from Lilo and Stitch chomping on a human leg and a minion that no child would want to see in a movie. If you are in to this kind of thing it's pure internet eye candy, but if you arrived here by mistake, thinking you were going to get 'cute', then prepare for an eternity of therapy.

In the real world Diesel86 is a Swedish tattoo artist who really likes speed painting videos (go figure?), who really likes to paint horror stuff. I guess that those long dark winter nights in Sweden must really get to you.

Take a look at some of Disse86's art below and head to their Deviant Art page for more.

eeyore_by_disse86-daiimta (1)
tweety_by_disse86-dacgec2 (1)

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