John Carpenter's 'The Thing' Gets Turned Into A Cheery Musical

John Carpenter's The Thing is probably one of the most terrifying sci-fi horror films of all time in the history of all things ever. If you've not seen it then you really need to sort that out, because the terrifying and icky transformations the alien monster takes are body horror at its finest and most repellent.

The VFX are by Robin Bottin who used all manner of techniques and materials to create the abominable forms the thing takes: hand puppets, marionettes, reverse filming, wires, hydraulics, fiberglass, foam latex, and rubber. While the gore was created using strawberry jam, mayonnaise, heated bubble gum, cream corn, and various other concoctions.

Which brings us to YouTubers legolambs, who have turned Carpenter's shocking horror into a crooning musical, complete with an easy listening vibe and finger-clicking rhythm. Here's a sample lyric: "I can't wait to see their faces when I spring (yes, sir) / 'Cause they think that I'm a dog, but I'm The Thing! / (I'm The Thing baby)." Classy.

And for those of you who are interested to look behind the scenes of the filming of this horror classic here is a great documentary about the people that brought it to the screen and how it was done, from the great FX to the horrifying sounds that the monster from space emits. It's all here for you to nerdgasm over.

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