Atchoum The Cat Has Fur Like A Werewolf & Eyes Like An Evil Wizard--'He Must Get Wicked Hairballs'

The latest celebrity feline star is an evil-looking warlock called Atchoum. Atchoum is nine months old and lives in Quebec with a secret clan of necromancers. Possibly. But he definitely lives with his owner Natalie who loves him even though he looks like some kind of dark sorcerer.

Naturally, because he has eyes that have seen too much and crazy fur the internet can't get enough of him. He has his own Facebook fan page and Instagram where his owner uploads daily pics.

Oh yeah, and of course like any cat celebrity he also has his own website. Like you do.

And if you were wondering why he has so much hair and looks like a like a werewolf, it's because he has a condition known as hypertrichosis, which results in an abnormal amount of hair growth and thickening of the claws, which, combined with his eyes, gives him that wizardly look.

Also, according to his owner Natalie (you choose whether to believe this or not) Atchoum is also trilingual, he speaks both French and English in addition to purrs. I for one choose to believe this.

Just in case he ever found out i didn't really and turned me into a mouse.

Check him out in all his glory, below.


And if you still haven't had your daily feline fix here is some more video of Atchoum in action.

Images via Facebook

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