Corduroy The Youthful-Looking Cat Is Officially The World's Oldest Living Feline At 26 Years Old

While the oldest cat to have ever lived was sent to kitty heaven at 38 years and three days old (Creme Puff died in 2005, God rest her soul) the oldest cat still alive on this earth is Corduroy, who is just a mere 26 years old (which is 121 in cat years).

Corduroy was given the official title of World's Oldest Living Cat by Guinness World Records. No doubt you'll know someone who knows someone who lives next door to a woman who has a cat that is older than Corduroy, but he holds the title so there.

And the half Maine Coon cat is doing very well for his advanced years too. He loves jumping up on counters and spending time outdoors and, apart from a low-protein diet to keep his kidneys in good health, he doesn't have any aches and pains. And totally refuses to behave like a cat of his age should do.

“I strongly believe the key to his longevity is the fact we did not declaw him and allowed him to go outside,” said his owner Reed Okura who adopted Corduroy when he was 7 years old. "He was able to defend himself and exercise his body and mind by hunting. Corduroy still catches critters but is not as good as he once was, thankfully. It is an honour to have Corduroy in our life, I honestly don’t remember much of my life without him. He is a wonderful companion and I hope to give him a happy and healthy life for many more years.”

Here's to beating Creme Puff to the title of oldest cat ever, Corduroy. If you wish you can keep up to date with his exploits on, where else, Instagram!