It's The Avengers Vs. Justice League In Ridiculously OTT But Hugely Enjoyable Superhero Battle

It's a battle that many comic book fans would love to see, some of the biggest names from the world of Marvel take on the big playas from DC. Except, in this fight the costumes and the characters are comically ridiculous. But the fighting, the fighting's epic.

But it would be, because this isn't your average fan made film, but is by RackaRacka whose production values are next level. The filmmaking brothers from Australia have previously made an ultraviolent PSA to warn against the dangers of drinking alcohol and swimming, and also fought a Nerf gun war to end all Nerf gun wars.

This video sees Thor, Iron-Man, and Hulk take on Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman over some ComicCon tickets—and features plenty of nods to superhero movie tropes, along with everything from the less-than-terrifying "Hulk Slap" to Batman's head getting popped like a balloon.


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