'Don't Drink Swim!' An Intense And Insane Warning On The Dangers Of Mixing Alcohol And Swimming

We all know that drinking and driving is a fool's game, but what about having a few beers while splashing about in the water. Surely that's OK, right? Hell no.

And here to warn you in the most intense way possible, while also mocking those that do it, is this insane, stunt-filled PSA from Australian YouTubers RackaRacka. It's designed to warn Aussies of the dangers of ferociously consuming alcohol and swimming in time for their summer.

RackaRacka are the guys behind that Most Epic Nerf War In History! video and the hyper pace and editing style featured in that is present in Don't Drink Swim!.

But Don't Drink Swim! is also very gruesome and everything happens so manically you wonder WTF you just watched. It's a scary roller coaster ride to a very disturbing and unhappy ending.

But it's definitely worth a re-watch. And will definitely put you off drinking and swimming, and generally just going anywhere near a beach, for the rest of your life.

In fact i'm still not sure if this is a helpful PSA or a total nightmare-fuel horror film?


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