This Gruesome Banned Red Bull Spoof Literally Gives Someone Wings—And It Looks Very Painful

If you're familiar with the work of YouTubers RackaRacka (Australian filmmaking brothers Danny and Michael Philippou), then you'll know they specialise in insanely violent videos full of dark humor and lots and lots of blood and gore that go way beyond the limits of what you'd expect, into the 'wtf' zone.

If you're not familiar with their work, then consider this fair warning. The video is a parody Red Bull commercial, playing on the energy drink's slogan "gives you wings" along with the recommendation that it's not for children, pregnant women or anyone who thinks that having wings would be a cool idea.

So we see a pregnant woman, a bullied kid, and a guy all consume a can of the taurine-rich drink. Now, if you've ever drunk a can of Red Bull you'll know, much like a cup of strong coffee, it can give you a pick me up.

Let's just say the pick me ups experienced by the people in this video are a little exaggerated.

And by exaggerated I mean things suddenly turn into a gory and gruesome splatter movie, as wings rip through the flesh of someone's back, a pregnant woman's baby comes early, and a kid grows devil horns and turns into a raging psychopath.

It's grimly amusing.


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