Meet Average Rob - The Guy Who's Slept With More Celebrities Than Taylor Swift

If you want to know how Average Rob, who's just an everyday normal guy, manages to sleep with more celebrities than Taylor Swift and Russell Brand combined, it's all down to Rob's one very simple trick: Photoshop. Also 'slept with' means something much more innocent than your dirty mind thought in this situation. It means literally falling asleep next to a celebrity. Something Average Rob is very good at.

And be aware, this is not just your common-garden ordinary average guy messing around and dabbling with images, Average Rob just happens to be a master Photoshopper and Instagram humorist who describes himself as a 'Just a mediocre dude from Belgium.' His Photoshop skills are definitely not mediocre however. Far from it.

Because he has mastered the art of amusingly positioning himself into celebrity photos. Which he's been doing for quite a few months now, uploading the results to Instagram for the internet's entertainment.

Often Average Rob edits himself into the pics doing daft activities. Like vacuuming while the Trumps pose for a family portrait or cleaning up the Obama's dog's poo. They are witty, extremely funny and look totally believable.

How Average Rob Sleeps With So Many Celebs


But there's also a common theme that seems to run through some of these works. Which involves Average Rob editing himself into celeb pics but while he's in the land of slumber.

So he's seen snoozing on Selena Gomez or passed out in a subway carriage that Obama is riding in. Or, appropriately, he's nodded off along with Kanye and Kanye's daughter North while out shopping. Or he's asleep while Eminem keeps him cozy by putting an arm around him.

Which makes you wonder why this average guy is constantly tired? Must be all that photoshopping. And what better place to recuperate than, say, using David Beckham's shoulder as a pillow. They look SO cute.

Keep up the good work Average Rob. Check out some of his dozing pics below. And head to his Instagram for more. This is one average guy all the celebs want to be with (whether they know it or not).

Here's Average Guy Rob's Celeb Conquests

Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 01.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 02.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 03.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 04.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 05.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 06.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 07.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 08.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 09.
Average Rob The Celebrity Guy 10.

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