Base Jumping Off The World's Second Highest Residential Structure From 101 Stories Up

It's well known that the tallest building in Dubai, and the world, is Burj Khalifa. The next step down from this, the second tallest building in Dubai, is the Princess Tower located in Dubai Marina. This goliath is 1,358 ft tall.

Which, for these base jumpers, makes it somewhat of a dream to leap from and tick off the bucket list.

Now, be warned, if you suffer from vertigo some of this footage (well, most of it) may cause you some alarm, as you watch these maniacs hurtle to the ground after leaping off a platform surrounded by clouds—yep, it's that high up.

As if making the jump isn't terrifying enough these thrill-seekers decide to do some pretty crazy stunts on the way down, you know, just for fun.

Even to experience it vicariously is enough to start the heart palpitations and fill you with anxiety. I'd say it looks like pretty cool to try out, but I'd be lying. It looks terrifying.


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