Summertime In Slow Motion - Zone Out And Watch The Miss Reef Calender Girls Shot In 1000fps

Summer's here and if you are someone who surfs or just happen to be a person who loves hanging out at the beach then you will no doubt know the surf brand Reef, and if you also happen to be a dude (that's surf talk for guy) then you will definitely be aware of its annual calendar.

Purely for remembering important dates of course and nothing at all to do with any the nameless beautiful women who just happen to adorn it (the mysterious Miss Reef troop).

This year's 2016 Miss Reef calendar was shot by photographer Kate Bellm, she headed off to the tropical jungles of the Pacific Mexican coast to snap the Miss Reef girls hanging about at lagoons and the like.

But in case you didn't pick one up or just as a compliment to it or in case you just wanted to see the Miss Reef girls on motion, here's an accompanying video featuring shot by action sports cinematography Chris Bryan.

Bryan knows his stuff and he goes the extra mile too, not only framing everything spectacularly, but using a Phantom camera to capture it all at 1000fps, just so nothing is missed.

It's one way to relax if you're having a tough day.

Take a look at the video above and see below for some more Miss Reefs from the Miss Reef Instagram account.

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