This Cute Little 7yr Old Girl Is A Black Belt In Karate And Could Kick Your Butt In A Heartbeat

Lets face it, 7 year old girls are cute, they look cute, they talk cute and they play cute. So when you see a 7yr old dressed in a karate gi all you can think is that she's so adorable and wouldn't hurt a fly. How wrong you all are.

Prepare to have all of your cute and innocent 7yr old girl illusions blown and enter the terrifying world of martial arts taken seriously, whatever age you are.

This particular 7yr old is Japanese girl Mahiro-chan showing off her skills at Kanku-dai, a Karate kata—kata being a performance that displays the movements from a particular fighting system.

And looking at the conviction with which she pulls off the moves, you wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley after sundown. I'm not even going to mention her guttural shouts that tell you, "if you come near me i will kill you".

Scary stuff.

She's super quick too, with the technique to match, which is no doubt why she's managed to get a black belt at such a young age. So screw the Karate Kid remake, because this girl is the real deal.

She's a real life Daniel-sun—and we bow down to her supreme awesomeness.


Here's Mahiro-chan in previous years (below) practicing for different disciplines:

Enpi and Kankudai by Mahiro (at 6yrs old)

Mahiro (at 5yrs old) practicing kihon for kyu exam

Heian-shodan by Mahiro (at 4yrs old)

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