Ever Wondered Who The Guy On The Receiving End Of The Call In Adele's Hit Song 'Hello' Was?

Adele's song "Hello", as you're no doubt fully aware of, features the singer on the phone to her ex, singing a painful ballad about where it all went wrong.

But while the video focuses on Adele, it's easy to forget there's someone on the receiving end of that call.

College Humor have stepped up to show us who that might be, giving a hilarious portrayal of the ex-boyfriend who, in this circumstance, has had to take the call in the middle of a business meeting.

And from his end it's an entirely different situation. Less poetic anguish and more awkwardness, confusion, and general frustration.

For instance Why, he wonders, is she calling him in the first place. Why doesn't she just text like everyone else there age does.

But he keeps picking up the phone every time she rings back because they've got cut off—even though it's ruining his meeting again and again.

There is, we find out, a perfectly valid reason why he doesn't just hang up though.


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