Slim Pika 'Nerd Crime'—The Slim Jesus Pokemon Parody You Were Waiting For Has Finally Arrived

18-year-old rapper Slim Jesus became something of an internet sensation/joke when the video for his song "Drill Time" went viral. People mocked him for his badass persona and imitation of Chicago rappers like Chief Keef and Lil Herb, even though he came from the suburbs of Ohio.

It seems like a lifetime ago, and in internet years it is, but all that happened around the beginning of September. Just recently however YouTubers ShueTube, who make rap comedy videos, have released this fun parody.

It's called "Nerd Crime" by Slim Pika and, using the same beats as Slim Jesus' original and aping Slim's gangster-lite moves, it changes the lyrics to much more nerdy stuff.

So we get Pokemon hats, Pokemon tee, Pokemon cards, and Pokemon costumed homies surrounding our rapper as he lays down lines about GameBoy, 3DS, and Captain Falcon.

Along with detailing his nerd crimes, of course.

Nerd crimes which involve stealing trading cards and robbing Nintendo Amiibo. Pokemon has never been so street.


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