"What The F*ck, Kevin!" - Bullied Robot Hilariously Swears His Way Through This Redubbed Video

Last week Boston Dynamics, owned by Google, released a new video showing their next gen Atlas robot, known as an "agile anthropomorphic robot," and all the new shiny stuff it can do.

So we saw how adept it was at lifting heavy boxes, keeping its balance on uneven snowy terrain, its general kickass agility, along with its tolerance of getting pushed about and bullied by a guy with a stick. (The intention was to show off its balancing skills again, but it just looked like the guy was being an a-hole).

Because of the stick poking bits it was kind of hilarious and ripe for the internet to make funny videos about. So that's what it's done. The latest of which is by YouTube channel Mr. King who's redubbed footage of Atlas but with its "swearing module" activated. So we get to see Atlas grumbling and cursing his way through a day at the office.

The best bit has to be the guy with the stick taunting and pushing poor Atlas about and Atlas' responses to him ("What the f*ck, Kevin!"). There's also a great bit when Atlas says goodbye for the day. But the whole thing is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

It's no wonder the robots will rise up and destroy us if this is the way we treat them. Their memory circuits will never forget.

Also in robot humor this week, no doubt inspired by the abuse of Atlas, is a mock PSA called "Robot Lives Matter" (below). Set to heartrending music we see a montage of robots being mistreated.

"End the abuse. #RobotLivesMatter" the video demands.

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