Brawl In Ukrainian Parliament Is Actually A Work Of Art

When is a brawl in the Ukrainian Parliament actually a work of Renaissance art? Well, when someone captures a photo of the fight that looks like this:

The image depicts a punchup which took place between Communist and nationalist party members in the Ukraine parliament. Fights are a pretty regular occurrence there, but during this one a Reuters photographer managed to capture the above image, which is incredibly well composed.

Once it hit the internet, people noted that its appealing composition was because it conformed to the Fibonacci spiral, otherwise known as the Golden Ratio. Someone placed the spiral over the top to show why the layout works so well. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical term, derived from the Fibonacci sequence, that's often found in nature and was used in Renaissance art to define the most aesthetically pleasing compositions.

The Golden Ratio used on the Mona Lisa

The Guardian explain why it works so well in this instance and you can see for yourself in the images that follow their explanation, below:

The Fibonacci spiral has been placed on top of it to show just why its elements cohere so satisfyingly. Starting with one added to one, if you add each number in a series to the one preceding it you create the Fibonacci sequence, whose beautifully exponential growth can be transposed on to everything from the arrangements of petals in flowers to cauliflowers. Here, the violence spirals exponentially outward from the focal point of the fight up to the reddened face of the man at the top of the image.


Add a gilded frame plus pretend cracks across the image and, hey presto, you have a Renaissance artwork to rival the masters.


The Guardian also pointed out some other ‘Accidental Renaissance’ pieces, like the one below of British soccer player Frank Lampard.

And more were sent in by their readers—some of which are below and the rest can be seen over at The Guardian.

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