Is This How The Brits See Ice Hockey? "Bad British Hockey Commentary" Is Hilariously Ridiculous

Anthony Richardson is a man who knows how to troll North American sports fans—the Brit has a series of “Bad British Commentary” videos which show a complete lack of understanding for the rules of the NFL, baseball, basketball and now hockey.

The hockey game he hilariously attempts to narrate is the 2013 Stanley Cup final which saw the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Boston Bruins, but there's no room in this video for genuine, informative commentary.

What we get instead is comedy gems that elevate the commentary to Alan Partridge-like levels of ridiculousness (if you don't know who Alan Partridge is, you should rectify that lapse of judgement by heading to YouTube immediately).

Here's a few choice lines to get you in the mood:

"Mary Poppins, look how small the goals are. They're the size of a matchbox guarded by an overzealous bee keeper."

"He slipped past his man like an eel in an overcoat!"

"Boston now, deep behind enemy lines like a war correspondent."


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