Guy Tries Out Some Brutal And Epic WWE Moves On His Poor Girlfriend

If you are currently single and are wondering if there is such a thing out there as the 'perfect person' for a long and happy relationship then this video might reinforce any hopes you have.

It's proof that however strange your friends think you are there is 'someone' will find you attractive.

And here is such a man, wearing a Superman tee and with a very, very understanding girlfriend, Joe Weller tries out some WWE finishing moves on her with both of them ending up in the pool.

Complete with hyped-up commentary, Weller takes down his willing other half with some epic pile drivers, Batista Bomb, and other finishers. All without resulting in life-threatening injuries.

And the results are hilarious.

But if you are left wondering wondering what this woman did to deserve all this? Well, she didn't like the color blue. I think you'll all agree that it's a fair response.


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